LIMINAL FILMS is a non-fiction film production company. We are currently working on a feature-length documentary about several indigenous activists who took the lessons of Standing Rock to other environmental battles across the county.




Co-founder / Director / DP

Sara Lafleur-Vetter is a filmmaker and photojournalist with a passion for telling stories of the underdog and the underbelly of society. She is an alum of the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism's documentary program. She’s worked with the Guardian, CIR, Fusion, and AJ+.




Co-founder / Director / DP

Jonathan is a documentary filmmaker who believes the camera is a tool that can shake the foundations of power. He’s an alum of UW-Madison’s Political Science department, and former fellow/producer at the documentary center at UW-Milwaukee, doc|UWM.

He's worked with The Guardian, AJ+, Fusion, the Center for Investigative Reporting, Esquire, and TeleSUR.

When not working on the film, you can find him biking, playing pickup basketball, and maneuvering taller individuals.




Co-founder / Producer / DP

Romin is a documentary photographer and filmmaker, and is an alum of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He was the school's inaugural recipient of the Marlon T. Riggs Fellowship in Documentary Filmmaking. He is based in rural Minnesota with his wife and their three crazy boys.

When he isn't shooting documentary work, he shoots weddings and portraits on 35mm film.